Monday, September 20, 2010

I am not a fan of faxing!!

I found out this morning that our facilitator never received our fax of 81 pages that I sent last Monday.  So I ran to work at 7:45 am today to re-fax.  I set the computer to re fax it knowing it would take about a 1/2 hour and I wanted it to be done before the office opened at 9:00.  I ran back home, showered and got ready to officially come to work.  When I got to work I checked on the fax and for some reason it was just on the 10th page - AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!  So finally it finished at 9:30.  I then got an e/m around 3pm that the fax file is too big and our facilitator can not open it!  Oh my!!!  So they asked that I break it up in to 3 or 4 groups so the file isn't so big.  So, I broke it up in to 8 groups and re faxed each group.  It got me all worked up, because all I can think of is sweet Lyla not having much time and I am wasting time fighting a fax machine????????  So now we wait to hear tomorrow if she was able to receive all the pages and then GOD willing I will be able to get approval to mail our dossier to EE.

Sorry just a little venting!!  I had so hoped I would of had approval to mail our dossier today so I feel like we are behind.  I do NOT like being behind or late.  Our little girl needs surgery to survive and I can not waste another SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening!!! 

We are coming Lyla, I PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dear FATHER, please continue to wrap her in YOUR arms and keep her safe and loved!!!!!!


  1. Wow. Its always the simplest things that hold the process up. You all are in our prayers!!!!!!

  2. Praying for Lyla as well here in Virginia!


  3. Man that fax machine thing definitely sounds like a pain. Glad it's all faxed in and you can send your dossier very soon! I just read back through many posts. We are praying for Lyla as well! She is a beautiful little girl! Praying that God's arms are wrapped around her and that she be healed and cleared to be adopted... that all will go quickly and smoothly and that soon very soon you will make it to her and get her home where she can have the medical care she needs.

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