Friday, September 17, 2010

It's been a bit of a week

Just to give everyone a little insight on what has been going on here.

Last Wednesday, Jason our 6 year old foster son left our house to go to a higher level of care.  Jason had been with us for 2 years and 5 months.  We LOVE him very much!!!!!  This was very hard for all of us but we all know he needs help and we strongly believe he will now get it.  He wants desperately to be a "good boy" and we believe his new home will help him figure it all out!!!  We Miss Him!!!

Last Thursday we found out that Lyla was not doing well. 

Friday my sister was admitted to the hospital.  She is doing better now!  Thank GOD!!!!!

Saturday Sara was sick with a high fever and she was miserable lasting 3 days.

Monday Owen got sick with a high fever and he was miserable lasting 3 days.

Tuesday Taylor got sick - same symptoms.

Wednesday night Taylor was in a car accident - she was hit while driving.   She seemed to be fine that night but Thursday morning was a different story.  We brought her to the Doctor's and she was sent for a Cat scan of Head and Abdomen and Xray of her neck.  Her pupils were dilated and they were sluggish to respond to light.  I was so scared - she was so uncomfortable - it was awful!!!!!!!  So she was diagnosed with a concussion and the xray showed mild torticollis.  She is doing much better today!  Oh My, Thank YOU GOD!!!!!!!

Thursday Nick got sick with high fever (104.5), vomiting and muscle pains.  Consequently he  is seeing a Pediatric Rheumatoid Arthritis Doctor in Rochester on Monday.  Some of his blood work came back elevated at his physcial in August.  He has had painful legs and feet since he was little.  I always just thought growing pains.  But the last few months he has started to walk like he is 90 years old.  He has a very difficult time going down stairs, so we talked to our Pediatrician about it at his well child exam in August.  She did some blood work and that is why he was referred to a specialist. 

Today is Friday and Nick is feeling better, Tay is feeling much better, Owen and Sara are all better.  My sister is doing better and Jay is adjusting better to his new house.  And of course our little princess Lyla is still living!  Everything works out in time!!!  Thank you Again Father!!!!

Phew!!!  That was a week!!!!  I feel like I was just a big stress mess about everything.  It seemed like we couldn't get any answers on Lyla and everyone at home was just falling apart and I had LOST control.  Well, I am back in the pilot seat and ready to do what ever it takes to get that beautiful little girl home where she belongs.  I am not sure what I need to do but I know GOD will lead me.  I  know with out a doubt that I was meant to be Lyla's Mom and like I said in June - I will do what ever it takes to get her home. 

I MEANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. What a horrific week you have had and I pray this weekend you can take some time and just let your mind be free. God has been with you and all your loved ones this past week. I hope you will have good news on Lyla soon and can continue on with bringing her home to her forever family. May God bless you all.

  2. Wow! That was a rough week! I'm glad it all seems to be better now and YES you are meant to be Lyla's mom!

    I set you a request when I went private :)

  3. Awe Summer...I am sending ya a great big hug!! What a tough , busy week!!! Just know that we are praying for you all and hopefully we will get to meet soon!!

    We will be in Rochester on Monday as well for dentist Give me a call, as maybe we can meet for a quick lunch.

  4. Oh Summer, huge hugs to you. What a week that was.

    Between you and Tracey make me homesick for good ole Western NY. With fall here I can just imagine all the wonderful colors bursting out amidst the dreary days of rainy weather.

    I hope this week brings about the best answers to all prayers for your family.


  5. If you want to talk arthritis, email me at nobabynoblog at gmail dot com. My sister has JRA!