Sunday, August 22, 2010

Watching Daddy Play Hockey!!!!

The kids love to watch Dave play Hockey.  This is the first time Sara has watched him play and really understand that it is him playing.  He was on the bench and he took of his helmet - I wish I took a picture of her face - She was so Amazed that it was her Dad under that helmet!  So she started screaming "That's My Daddy", over and over again.  It was the cutest thing EVER.  Then after about 30 minutes of it - the crowd wasn't that impressed.  But, I didn't care - she was so proud of her DAD and it was just wonderful!!!!!!

Conor, Owen, Sara, Jay and Nick
(Tay was in the warm room when I took this picture)

The BEST part of Dave's Hockey games are the look of such pride on his face when he looks up at his family.  He just GLOWS!!!!  I am so BLESSED to be his wife and so PROUD to be his partner in parenting!!!!!!

I can't wait for LYLA to be the daughter of the MOST INCREDIBLE FATHER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!



  1. That is SO CUTE! I would have thought it was adorable the entire time. haha.

  2. Such a proud daughter!! Wish I could have seen it!! If anyone gave you a funny look like they were annoyed with her yelling you should have just looked at them and said, "That's her Daddy!" in a tone such as it was the first time they heard it! ahhahaha!