Saturday, August 21, 2010

Panache ROCKS!!!!

I go to the BEST salon EVER!!!!  Today my fun spunky hairdresser Amber told me they wanted to help with our Adoption costs.  The salon is printing tickets that they will hand out and our family will hand out.  Anyone that goes to Panache with a ticket and has a service they will deposit $10 in the "Lucky to Love Lyla Fund".   WOW!!!!!!!  I of coarse cried when she told me!  I mean really, how sweet is that???? 

This is their site:

Take a look at what Panche has been able to do for me and Tay over the years.

So please, please, please - if you need a trim, color, massage, pedi, mani or makeup PLEASE let me know - I will give you a ticket and you can get the BEST LOOK  and be donating $10 to our adoption.  I can't think of anything better then looking FABULOUS and helping bring home Lyla at the same time!!!!  It's a WIN - WIN for sure!!!!!

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