Friday, August 20, 2010

Knock Knock

Taylor answered the door tonight to a very pretty young lady asking for Dave.  Tay told her that Dave was on a walk with Sara and asked if she could take a message.  The young lady just asked Tay to please give him an envelope.  Dave came home, opened the envelope and found two checks.  One made out for $100 and another made out for $50 to go toward our adoption.  Thank you so much Dave and Pam!!!!  Your generosity and support means so much to us!!!!

So this nice surprise donation was such a great way to start the weekend!! Thank you GOD for people like Pam and her father Dave!!!!! We are so BLESSED!!!!!!!

Weekends are very hard to get through during an adoption.  It seems the adoption world just shuts down!!! Every day matters now - we need to have our approval from USCIS ASAP!!!  So when they are closed for two days in a row - well its beyond painful!!!!! 

I think about our little girl constantly - it is so hard - I just want to get on a plane and hold her.  I want desperately for her to know how loved she is!!!  Taylor had posted in the video that "we are incomplete with out her"!!  That is so true!!!  We all feel it, something is missing!!!  We know what it is and we are doing everything we can do.  And it's still not enough.  Our future is in someone elses hands - someone that doesn't know us and doesn't know her.  It doesn't seem fair, does it?  Please Pray that our application will be assigned to an officer that will see the urgency in processing our application.  Please Pray that we will have an approval soon.  Thank YOU!!!!  GOD Bless!!!!!

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