Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, I called USCIS and asked for the status of our application.  I spoke with another very nice lady - who said our case has not been assigned to an officer yet BUT it was in transition to be assigned and next week we will have an officer.  So, not great news but a definite improvement - so I will take it and SMILE!!!!

My wonderful friend from Switzerland, Christina is such a blessing.  I am so lucky to have her as my co-pilot on this journey.  She keeps me focused and on track, she opens my eyes to things I would never of seen my self.  And she is working very hard to be able to go to EE and meet me and Lyla.  Not only that (ok, yes I'm crying now) she is willing to stay with Lyla while Dave and I return home for the 10 day waiting period.  To know our daughter will still be visited by someone that loves her and will shower her with hugs and kisses while we can't - is just the BEST feeling in the whole world.   WOW!!!!!   When Christina signed up to be Lyla's prayer warrior it was FOREVER!!!!  Our little girl although million of miles away is so LOVED - it it just AMAZING!!!! 

Last week Friday a box came in the mail from Switzerland.  I knew this box was coming but what I didn't expect was the emotions I would experience when I opened it!  Christina had sent bibs that she made, beautiful, beautiful bibs.

  She made these for us to sell as a fundraiser.  She also sent Chocolate - I don't know if you have ever had chocolate from Switzerland but OH MY - BEST Chocolate I have ever had in my life!!!!  Also, she bought a little onesie for Lyla - it says "Swiss Princess" - so CUTE!!!!

I also want to share that tomorrow we are going to meet Zoya!!!  I will be an absolute emotional MESS!!!  I know that I will feel so much closer to Lyla being around Zoya, Sarah and Shawn!!!   Plus, it is this family that encouraged us to take this Leap of Faith to bring Lyla home.  Oh my - so emotional!!! 

Thank you FATHER for so many blessings!!!!!!!!

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