Friday, August 13, 2010

Super Dee Duper!!!!!

"Super Dee Duper" is from Barney for those of you who think I have lost my mind.  We watch Barney several times a day at this house so his "famous" quotes are some what addicting!!! 

So excited to see 2 letters from the USCIS in the mail today!!!!  YIPEE!!!!!!  Dave has his fingerprint appointment for Monday, August 23!!!!!!!  And a receipt that we paid for our application.  So if mine comes in the mail tomorrow - we will drive to Buffalo this Monday and try a "walk in" for finger prints.  Other families have gone early and have had success!!!!   Just another step closer to meeting our daughter and bringing her home to this Amazing Family!!!!!

Oh My - I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And then to meet Zoya, Sarah and Shawn tomorrow - What a wonderful way to start the Week End!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. We were able to go early - fingers crossed that your appt comes tomorrow and get them done fast!