Thursday, July 15, 2010

Notarized, Certified and Apostilled.......

These are 3 words I am NOW very familiar with.  Wow!!!  Right now we have 20 documents signed by us and notarized.  We then take them to our county clerk to be certified.  Then we mail them to Albany to be apostilled.  We are so lucky to have Kathy notarize everything for us at NO CHARGE (Thank you so much Kath)!!!!  We will pay $3 for each document to be certified and then $10 for each to be apostilled.   So that is $260 so far for 20 documents.  I think we will have about 15 more documents to follow this process. 

Every time we get a document notarized we fax it to our team at Reece's Rainbow.  These women volunteer their time to review all of our documents before they go to Albany.  Honestly, this is the best process I have ever been involved in.  We have had to re-do a few of our documents - so can you imagine if we sent them through this whole process and then Eastern Europe did not accept them.  OH MY - THAT WOULD BE AWFUL!!!  Reece's Rainbow provides a check list for each and every document!  Even if there is 4 identical documents they EACH have a checklist.  This is just the BEST system.   And to top it off - these ladies are so SUPER NICE!!  I am faxing them every day - e/m them questions every day and they always respond with such kindness!!  I am just AMAZED at how this all works and so excited to be a part of it! 

And then the GRAND PRIZE:  LYLA WILL BE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. I was given a heads up that may speed your documents in Albany. They say to send them USPS as they can just send them back in the mail after being appostilled. If you send them UPS or even FedX.....they gotta call them to come get them which can take time. Our dossier documents we are driving there so we are holding them all till then!!