Friday, July 16, 2010

28 Documents - So Important!!!!

I can't even explain how careful I am with all the documents we have signed and have had notarized.  I am a FREAK about keeping them SAFE!!!  It's crazy I know but they are so very important.  Anyways, New York state requires a county certification before they will "authenticate" the documents.  So we brought 28 documents to the county clerk today.  I kid you not when I tell you I almost had a heart attack when the clerk stapled a little piece of paper to each document.  I thought I would pass out!!!!  How could she put those wholes in my beautiful perfect documents.  Of coarse my husband kept looking me like I was nuts!!!  But I have kept them so safe and now I am paying $3 a piece to have someone staple them - OH MY!!! 

So the clerk hands me the documents and I am a bit relieved that they are all OK!  What did I think they would cry???  So yes, I am losing it!!!  Anyways, we get in the van and I am inspecting each one carefully.  Then I decide to count them - UH OH - only 26!!  Dave turns the van around and I go back in the office.  The girl that was helping us is at lunch but a very nice lady finds the 2 documents and gets them certified.  Phew!!! 

Now I am afraid to mail them to Albany to be Apostilled - what will they do to my poor little documents?  They have clearly been through enough, don't you think???

So this is just a little insight on how absolutely obsessed and insane I am to make sure everything is perfect to bring Lyla home ASAP!!!!!!


  1. Oh My.....You guys are fast!!! Do you have them all done already? Maybe we will be there together!!!! We are finalizing a few of ours and then need them checked. Waiting on USCIS approval as that needs to be apostilled too

  2. Oh Summer, you share exactly my sentiments, I would be so much the same in such a situation!!
    And by the way: You are REALLY FAST!!! I know: when you say ASAP you MEAN ASAP!!!
    Love Christina