Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We had our home study visit last night.  Our social worker couldn't of been any sweeter!  Her name is Sue and she is an absolute GEM to work with.  She was so understanding and patient with how our family works.  Sara and Owen were running around, climbing on our laps, getting down, climbing on the table, yelling for our attention.  Jay wanted to tell her all about him playing Soccer.  Dave was cooking dinner.  Conor and Nick had a soccer game so I had to leave for 20 minutes to drop them off.  Taylor had a new friend come pick her up so Dave left Sue for a few minutes to meet the friend (and I was still out driving the boys).  Sue just went with the flow - it was really Amazing!!  Sue is definitely in the right career.  I had been so nervous about our visit and honestly it couldn't of went any better.  This was a true reflection of how our family works and who we are.  Sue made us all feel so comfortable and she recognized that we are all blessed to have each other. 

So, our home study will be done soon.  Sue understands why we are so urgent to bring our little girl home and she is so willing to help get her home quick.


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  1. How exciting Summer!!! We finally finished our homestudy after 6 long months!!! I hope to be able to get to know your family as well as we both prepare to go to the same place to bring home our beautiful little ones!!

    Your home visit sounds like ours but lots more kids!!!