Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christina - My Forever Friend!!!

This is part 2 of my last post!

So I mentioned that a wonderful woman in Switzerland was Lyla's prayer warrior - praying each day that Lyla would find her forever family.  Well, June 20 I received my first e/m from Christina.  Oh My - Best e/m I have ever received!!!  The e/m had an attachment - a photo of a beautiful framed picture of Lyla, with fresh flowers surrounding and a large white lit candle with her name on it.  Also a pamphlet that said "Praying my Angel Home" with her name and date of birth.  Just imagine the tears running down my face while looking at this picture.  The next attachment was a photo of several pictures of children they have fostered and another picture of Lyla!!  So yes, now I am a balling crying mess!!!  I mean look at this picture!!! 

Then I read her words - I couldn't see to well through the tears.  So I would re-group and then start reading again.  I can't tell you how many times I have read this e/m over the past 11 days. 

We have corresponded every day since.  Christina is the most positive person I have ever MET (or virtually met)!  She is so caring, understanding and just a BLESSING to know and now call my FRIEND!!!! 

The BEST part - is she called me on the phone when we were listed on the new commitment page!!!  I got to talk to her and hear her voice.  It was like we have been forever friends and talk on the phone all the time.  Her voice is so refreshing and her words just warm my heart!!!!

I am so glad her prayers found us!!!  I am so glad not only did she find a forever family for Lyla - but she found a forever friend - ME!!!!!!

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