Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Many Wonderful Things to SHARE!!!!

I want to share this very important, miraculous testimony!!  On 6/09/10, my family decided together that we wanted Lyla home with us.  I sent an e/m to Andrea Roberts the director of Reece's Rainbow letting her know of our commitment.  Then I sent an e/m to Sarah Basile - I beautiful MOM that just adopted a gorgeous baby girl, Zoya, from Eastern Europe.  I had been following her blog for some time and was left in happy tears after reading each post.  I was so inspired!!!!  So I wanted to thank Sarah for sharing her journey to save Zoya.  It was Sarah's words honestly that gave me the will to know our family could save Lyla!  The e/m I received back from Sarah was just incredible.  She said:

So I'm jumping up and down with joy right now! I am amazed at how God used ME for this little girl. You see, Liliannah has a story with me! One woman that follows my blog lives in Switzerland and we have emailed back and forth a lot. Through emailing she let me know that her daughter, who is now an adult, was born with a missing was a great story of how she overcame this obstacle...but the important piece of info is that she was born without a hand. The day she told me this I was looking on Reece's Rainbow website and came across Liliannah, and noticed her profile stated that she was born with a missing hand. I immidiately thought of this friend in Switzerland and emailed her asking her if she'd be Lilliannahs prayer warrior through RR. She was so excited and signed up to pray for this angel. They sent her a picture and she has prayed for her to find a family every day for the last month. I will have to look to see what date exactly I emailed her about Liliannah. I am wondering when you started looking at her and if God led you to her as a result of her prayer warrior's prayers! How awesome and amazing!!!!! I am so excited for her and for your family!

You can not deny that our FATHER heard Sarah and my new friend from Switzerland, Christina's prayers!!  The fact that HE picked us - Oh MY!!!!   I only e/m'd 2 people that night.  Just 2!!!!  Andrea and Sarah!!!!  Isn't this just the BEST????

I am not sure I have mentioned that our little precious Angel was born with out her Left hand.  Lyla also has Down syndrome and 2 heart defects.  I know that her country looks at these diagnosis as something very different then we do.  This is why she is in an orphanage!   I honestly believe she was born just the way GOD planned with all these extra  BLESSINGS!!!  Why?  Well, this is what led us to her.  If she wasn't born with these blessings she wouldn't be across the world waiting for us.  And we wouldn't be waiting for her!!!!!   OH MY - I can't wait to get my arms around her and let her feel the LOVE of her MOM!!!!!!


  1. Love it love it love it!!!! I am so happy for Lyla and so happy that your family will get to experience her gifts! I read this post in tears as God reminded me that even though we had to leave so many children behind, I can still advocate and pray for them to find their forever families! What an amazing story!

  2. I still have almost no words for this MIRACLE!
    Still touched and amazed, how GOD brought us all together, and how HE "found" you, the Spitz-Family to be the LOVING HOME for precious
    I can not wait, till she is in YOUR ARMS!!!!
    Till then, I KEEP PRAYING!!
    BE blessed Christina