Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great News!!!

Wow - Just received an e/m regarding our precious little Lyla!  It turns out she will be 1 in November not 2!  There was a mix up on the website! 

I will be honest - I was a little shocked when I got the e/m.  You see our 2 little ones at home right now are almost 2 and 3.  So I thought it would be perfect to have another around the same age.  So I just pictured all the things that two 2 year old girls and one 3 year old boy would be doing together.  So when I got the e/m all those visions changed a little bit. 

The best part is when I ran outside to tell my husband he said, "That's Great - that's a whole year less she has been left confined to a crib"!!!  MY HUSBAND IS THE BEST!!!  Why didn't I think of that?????  Normally I would like to think I am the positive thinker in the marriage.  Not this time - my wonderful husband loves this baby and could only see the Good in her being a year younger. 

Blessings, Blessings EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!


  1. Thats soo a year old!!!! She sure is a cutie and I cannot wait to meet her!! I am praying we get to cross paths and meet her when we go there!!

  2. What a surprise!
    Oh Summer, your husband and your son are soooooooooooooooo RIGHT!!
    What a gift for little LYLA!!