Friday, July 23, 2010

3 Wonderful UPDATES!!!!

I called Albany to check on our documents - I spoke with the nicest lady and she said they were finished and sent out yesterday.  YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I e/m'd our social worker (Sue) who did our home study to make sure she had everything she needed.  Sue e/m'd me back that she has everything and the rough draft of our study will be done by the end of the week end!!  Oh My, Oh My, Oh My!!!!!!!!

We received another donation in the  mail.  This donation was from the dealership we just bought our van from.  I was driving a big gas guzzling SUV and that just wasn't going to work while trying to save every penny for our adoption.  So we brought it to Bianchi Honda in Erie PA (Zoya's home town), to trade it for a van.  They were so GREAT to deal with.  So I thought, what the heck - I will send them a letter asking for a donation.  Well did they ever come through - they sent a check for $200!!!!

3 Huge Blessings today - Thank You Albany, Thank You Sue and Thank You Bianchi Honda!!!!!!!!

Thank You GOD!!!!!!!


  1. Talking about SPEED??? You got it!!!
    And the DONATION, how AWESOME!!! I am rejoycing with you!!!

  2. Awesome! God is good! That is so nice of the dealership to do that!!!! Very unheard of these days!

  3. That is such wonderful news Summer!!!! You guys certainly are moving at light speed and maybe we will get to travel together after all!! We should do a meet up afterward with Zoyas family as well. I think you both are about a little over 2 hrs from me!!