Friday, July 23, 2010

Lyla Update!!

The update on our adoption is summed up in 1 word:  WAITING!!!!!!

Not the easiest thing for me - actually probably 1 of my biggest Pet Peeves. 

We sent 28 documents to Albany via Fed Ex to be apostilled.  I am so hoping they arrive back to us by Monday.  Then we will send 6 of the documents to Ukraine - this will let our facilitator know that we have started the process and we want to be Lyla's family. 

The next thing is to wait for our completed home study.  Then we can apply to immigration and let them know of our intentions.  We will then WAIT for another fingerprint appointment.  ( I honestly don't understand why they just can't use our fingerprints that we had done 2 weeks ago????) AGGGHHH!!!

Then it all gets very exciting because we can submit our dossier to Ukraine.  OH MY!!!!!  I just am so excited and I can't wait until we can hold that beautiful little girl.  I just desperately want her to know WE LOVE HER and we WANT HER SO VERY MUCH TO BE HOME WITH US!!!!!!! I pray and ask our FATHER to wrap her up in his arms and let her know how very loved she is!  And I know HE DOES!!!!

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  1. I WAIT with you, dear Friend!! (Even I am not a good "waiter"..)But sharing this waitingbusiness together, makes it hopefully a teeny tiny bit easier for you...!!
    Just want to let you know: I KEEP praying!!Also for "SPEED" of course, in this whole process to bring your LYLA-SWEETHEART HOME, SOOOOOOOOON!!
    Love, Christina