Saturday, June 26, 2010

St. Anthony - Saint Of Miracles

I have been praying to St. Anthony!!!  Part of the prayer is "Assure me that I am not alone".  Since praying to St. Anthony I have received 2 e/m's from new friends reading my blog.  Both e/m's stating that they too have had or are having "hurdles" and  "road blocks" during the adoption process.  Thank you so much Tracey and  Patty for sharing this!!!!

St. Anthony HEARD ME!!!!!!!!  I am not alone!!! 

I don't want to seem greedy but I will continue to pray to St. Anthony that our journey to save Lyla is successful!!

I read on a friends facebook page yesterday "If GOD brings us to it - HE will bring us through it"  I do believe this and with this belief I know that I will be posting Monday that our road block has been knocked down!!!!!!

Please Keep Us In Your Prayers!!!!!!

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