Monday, June 28, 2010

Road Block Knocked Down!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!I am so happy to report that we are able to continue with our journey to adopt Lyla.  I want to explain what has been going on.  We have an adoption pending in our home right now with little Sara our foster daughter.  Well, it was believed that it was a regulation that we were not permitted to adopt another child while a pending adoption was in place.  The regulation was misunderstood - OH THANK GOD!!!!  The regulation states that our local department of social services can NOT place an adopted child in our house since we already have an adoption pending.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! 

Thank you so much for all your prayers - Thank you so much for all your support.  I have so many wonderful friends that kept me sane while waiting for this news.  I started to think this journey could end before it even started.  But a few very good friends reminded me that GOD would not allow this door to be shut.  God brought us to Lyla and HE will bring us through her adoption.  With GOD all things are possible.  Thanks to GOD we will bring LYLA home - I just know it!!!!!

So, now we hope the agency doing our home study will return this very special paper to reece's rainbow tomorrow.  Then finally - we will have a family sponsor page on the reece's rainbow website.  Then and only then can we post her picture (oh my is she beautiful) and post some information about her to share with everyone. 

Now, I will pray that tomorrow I can share this beautiful little ANGEL with all of you!!!!

Please keep the prayers a coming!!!!!!!


  1. woooohoooooo! can't wait to see you there with your baby girl!

  2. This is just SOOOOOOOOO....GREAT!!!!
    I am beyond HAPPY and THANKFUL for you all!
    One BIG step closer to your precious LYLA-GIRL!!
    Be blessed, Christina

  3. Oh Summer.....I am so excited for you!!! What wonderful news!!!