Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Amazing & Caring Photographer!!!!!

When we set up our blog , I knew we needed a family picture that showed our LOVE for each other.  I knew just who to call - Elisha!!!  Elisha had photographed Me and Taylor for a mother daughter shoot for mothers day.  We had so much FUN!!!  Elisha had us do fun crazy things and honestly it brought us closer together.  The pictures came out so Wonderful - I was beyond AMAZED.  Then I looked at her website:  http://thatstalk.elishaorin.com/!!!  I cant believe the GIFT this woman has to capture LOVE!!!  Honestly, most of her pictures are simply breath taking. 

A couple days before my daughter turned 16 - I asked Elisha if she would do a photo shoot to with Taylor to make her feel extra special.  Well did she ever feel special.  Elisha brought her to the library, high school and Laundromat.  Laundromat???  Yes, I was a little confused too.  But then I got the pictures - AND OH MY GOODNESS!!!  The pictures were something you would find in Vogue - except the big suprise they were pictures of my daughter.  We all just kept saying "WOW" when we looked at each one.

So then, I contacted her about taking our blog family picture.  I explained money is tight due to this adoption.  Elisha came to our house at 7 am on a Monday and didn't charge us anything.  We only had 15 minutes until every one had to leave for school.  Again, she was just so fun to work with.  Even at 7 am - with 2 toddlers, a 6 yr old who didn't want to be in the picture, 3 teenagers and then 2 crazy adults.  And she nailed IT - she captured our family on film and this picture shows who we are.  Even our little Jay who doesn't ever want to be in pictures - if you look close - he is on the porch.  We couldn't be happier with this picture!!!!

Then to top it all off - she has posted our journey on her website. 

Please take a few minutes to admire her GIFT : http://thatstalk.elishaorin.com/

Thank You Elisha!!!!  Thank GOD for wonderful people like YOU!!!!


  1. What a beautiful new family picture!!!

  2. AWESOME family picture!!! Just out of the real life!! You do all just wonderful at 7 am! Congratulation! I tell you, we would never look so fresh and happy on an early morning....
    AWESOME Photographer!!! The picture of you and the fact, she made this as a gift for you, is just GREAT!