Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thank You WGRZ Channel 2

Taylor, Kostya and Evelyn!!!!!  Please continue to pray Kostya will be reunited with his family very soon!!!!  Thank you so very much!!!!!!

Here is the story Channel 2 aired today:


  1. Wow, so glad that Taylor and the baby are safe! Keeping Kostya in our prayers!! Thank you for the link. I cried watching your beautiful daughter and seeing the fear in her eyes.

  2. Break my heart! Taylor I am so sorrry. Praising God they ae safe, but continuing to pray for Kostya.

  3. So glad Taylor and baby Evelyn are home and safe - what an ordeal that must have been. Kostya and the people of Ukraine are in my prayers.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.
    RR and BOM advocate

  4. Hi from Ukraine!
    I have been thinking of your family all this time and about other families who are adopting now.
    I have seen worst of this crisis and I want Taylor to know that everything is gonna be all right.
    It breaks my heart to see her like this after all the happy pictures of her family.

  5. Tay is so strong. I am positive she gets that from her mother and for the wonderful support her family has always shown her. :)