Saturday, March 1, 2014

Taylor, Kostya & Evelyn

Please Pray for Taylor, Kostya and Evelyn!!!  They have train tickets to get out of Simferopol, Ukraine at 1:00 pm our time today.  They had plane tickets for this morning but Russian has seized the airport and all flights are cancelled indefinitely.  

Taylor had an appointment at the embassy in Kyiv for Evelyn's passport Monday morning.  It is being expedited THANK GOD!!!!!  The plan is for Taylor & Ev to fly home on Tuesday!!!  Sadly, Kostya will have to remain in Ukraine until he has VISA.  Thankfully we have a congressman ready and willing to help with that.   

The situation in Simferopl Ukraine is scary.  Beyond scary.  Terrifying!!!  Taylor & Kostya are so STRONG!!!  They are doing everything possible to keep their precious daughter safe, including leaving their home and everything they own behind.  With the plan to separate on Tuesday if Taylor and Ev are able to fly home.  I can not imagine the unbearable pain this separation with cause.  But, they know it is what they have to do for Evelyn to be safe.  I am BLESSED to have these selfless parents in my life!!!! 

Please Pray for their Safety.  Please Pray for the Safety of all the beautiful people of Ukraine!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!


  1. Wow! I'd forgotten they were in Ukraine! I've only seen snippets of what's going on over there, but had seen a paper today, at work, that Russia had taken the airports...
    Holding you all up in prayer, that all three make it out safely and quickly!

  2. I have been worried about your daughter and her little family! I pray they are safe now and will all be on U.S. soil together very soon.

  3. Candice PauloskiMarch 2, 2014 at 4:44 PM

    No words, praying for them and all the Ukrainians right now.

  4. Praying!!!! Praying all goes well at their appt in a few hours too!!!

  5. they were the first things I thought of while I've been catching the news here and there... them and the waiting orphans in Ukraine.

  6. Oh Summer, I am so sorry. I have been wondering how they have been faring. Praying for all of them, and their safety!

  7. I will keep them in my prayers.

  8. Praying for safe journeys for all, and for peace, justice, and democracy in Ukraine - and Russia.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  9. I used to read your blog regularly, but lost track of you somewhere along the way. When I saw the story on the today show I immediately knew it was your Taylor! I have been searching all morning for your page again to send my best wishes that you all be reunited with Kostya as soon as you can. I pray that he will remain safe and be back with Taylor quickly.