Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Surgery tomorrow.

Lyla did so well with two days of testing!!! She is such a beautiful Miracle!!!!

She will head to the OR around 7:30. I should see her again around 1!!! Thank God!!!

Please keep storming Heaven!!!! It is absolutely working!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

She owned the airport!!!

Good vibe snugs from uncle Mike!!!!

We were blessed that Steph and Peter picked us up at the airport!!!

Lyla was spoiled rotten by these two amazing orphan advocates!!!

8 hours of testing and consults Tuesday. She was a champ!!!!

She is pretty confident she owns the hospital too!!!

Prior to her cath, chest CT and echo!!!!

After sleepy juice!!! Loved snugging her!!!!

After the cath and visiting with Aunt Ann!!!! Thank you Aunt Ann, you made today so much easier!!!

Lyla did so great!!! Pretty sure because she is so loved by so many!!!!

Happy happy girl!!!!!!! I love her so much it really does hurt!!! I would do anything to take her place tomorrow!!!! I'm getting more nervous as we get closer to morning!!!!!

Thank you for praying and thank you for loving her!!!! Tomorrow she will be in His hands!!!!!
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