Monday, January 13, 2014

Mean people have good points too

A very mean person who likes to rip people to shreds posted a hate post about me on TWO sites. This is not the first time. Normally I just laugh it off!! You never want to feed the trolls but this time I was crazy mad!!!! Well she didn't have any of her facts straight and to do this knowing Lyla was having surgery in a couple days made me insane!!! I mean how sick is that????!!! So I confronted her on the site she seems to enjoy bashing people on. I pointed out some things I wanted to, some truths. But as I thought about one of the things she said, I realized she was right!!! I think she is a bully to bash me four days before Lyla's surgery but she did make a valid point. Ugh!!! It was wrong that we kept the fundraising page open. We made our goal!!! Surpassed our goal by a TON!!!!! I should of closed it!!! Thanks to her, I did a few minutes ago!!!

So I learned something valuable today. Even thru ugly hate, the message could very much be true!!!

We are so grateful to you all for being so crazy generous!!! We are beyond Blessed to have such amazing friends!!! We thank you Forever for the support you are always willing to give us!!!!

Please continue to lift Lyla up in Prayer!!!! That is all we have left to do!!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!

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  1. Mean people are everywhere. I confronted a few anti-adoption ladies in a FB a few days ago , they said adoption is baby trafficking and baby buying. I told them adoption creates families and saves lifed, and they went on saying the adoptive parents just look for adoption benefits, and orphans are better if the stay in their countries, because of the cultures, that adoptive parents steal children.. and blah blah blah. At the end I was so pissed off I wanted to reach her and punched her(Sorry for venting)

    How can be so mean and hateful people in the wolrd????

  2. If someone didn't want to contribute to your fund they didn't have to but there are some of us who would have wanted to contribute even though you reached your goal.

  3. One word for you Summer....LOVE! That is what I am sending to Boston xoxoxo.

  4. I disagree! She played on your guilt instead of realizing nobody had to GIVE you anything. People GAVE because they WANTED to. You HUMBLY put yourself out there and people chose to give because you are a good person. You are good people. You LOVE your children fiercely. Life gets HARD. and when you have people who want to HELP, please forget the BULLIES. They are jealous and insecure and too afraid to step out on faith themselves. So they stew behind keyboards.

    You even said any over payment could go towards something, or if something unexpected happened. No one else might donate, but I do not see anything wrong with keeping it up. LOTS of blogs have CARE FUNDS for the little ones that have been brought home. No one is forced to donate to them. They do so when compelled because they WANT to. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY OR ASHAMED OF THIS.

    Praying for that sweet girl and this scary surgery coming up. I currently have a niece who has been in PICU for 3 weeks right now (long battle with brain cancer this year) so I know all too well how long term stays are. HOW HARD IT IS TO BE AWAY FROM YOUR OTHER CHILDREN WHILE FIGHTING FOR YOUR CHILDS LIFE. Help is needed. It is OKAY to ask and people who want to give will. Others will give in prayer and support in other ways. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY and DO NOT BE BULLIED.

  5. Anxiously awaiting news on Lyla and Boston. Is she a go for surgery on Thursday?