Friday, May 10, 2013

Surgery Date Change, Froggy and the Thinner Side

Lyla's cardiac surgeon called.  They had to move her surgery to Friday.  Just two days.  We can handle that!!!

Sarah & Rachel will be here Monday!!!  I am so excited!!!

Lyla's PICC line apparently had a huge influence on Sara.  The day Lyla's came out, sweet froggy had one put in.  Poor Froggy :(   As Molly C. pointed out, Dr. Sara must of given a pretty heavy sedative according to those eyes.  Sara even put a sock on to cover the site just like we did for Lyla.

My sweet beautiful girls waiting for the bus this morning!!!  

Most of you have noticed Lyla has put on some weight.  The ENT said this to me last week:

"I usually tell my parents of children with Down Syndrome to keep them on the thinner side for sleep apnea reasons"


"The thinner side" just cracks me right up!!!!!!!

I Love It!!!!!!!!

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