Thursday, May 16, 2013


Lyla's heart surgery was rescheduled for today. We arrived yesterday for her Pre-surgery testing. She did great!!!

We spent the night in a hotel. Courtesy of the hospital and woke up nice an early for the big day.

The surgeon came to talk to us. He said the surgery was too risky today due to her poor O2 levels. We were shocked. We did not see this coming. He actually said " I don't want you to have to plan a funeral next week"! So that statement caught our attention and we were completely on board with his recommendations. He said he wanted her to have another cardiac cath. He needed to see if the Viagara and oxygen has helped her pulmonary hypertension.

So Lyla is in the cath lab right now having her procedure.

It is possible that she could have surgery tomorrow if her cath results are good. Or it just might be that surgery ever is too risky for our little princess!!!

We are good either way!! We will not question the surgeon!!! We strongly believe that two cancellations might just be a sign from God that surgery just isn't the right answer for our precious little love!!!

So that's that for now!!! Thank you so very much for all the prayers!!!! God hears you and he is making his presence known and we couldn't be more grateful!!!!

The nurse thought it would be helpful to introduce the gas mask to Lyla so she wouldn't be scared. Ha!!! She is so crazy!! She took the mask and chewed on it for about twenty minutes.

This was right before we thought she was going back for surgery. I just love this picture!!!!

She was brushing her teeth before we left for the hospital this morning. Good Oral hygiene is very important to Lyla!!!

This was taken after her testing yesterday. She was ready to leave and enjoy the beautiful weather outside.

Again thank you so much for the prayers!!!! If you would please keep them coming so the Surgeons can make the best possible decision for our beautiful amazing daughter!!!!

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  1. Hope Lyla is ok and that she gets out of the hospital soon. Waiting to hear an update! I am an anonymous person who saw your story on RR and followed it since shortly before she came home. She looks so much happier and full of joy and life from the pictures of a year also I really hope all is OK!