Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lyla Is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We left our apartment in Kiev, Ukraine yesterday at 11:30 am.  I whispered to Lyla where we were going.

Guess who else came home with us????  Yep, Taylor did!!!!

Lyla having some lunch before her first flight.

Poor Lyla pretty much screamed the whole first flight.  Everyone was aware of her presence that is for sure.  So many changes for our sweet girl and she was definitely overwhelmed.
The second flight over the ocean was not very good.  Lyla spiked a fever and her lips, eyes, nose, fingertips and toes turned purple.  The flight attendant and Uncle Mike thought it be best that she be put on oxygen!!!

So Lyla was on oxygen for 5 1/2 hours of a 7 1/2 hour flight.  Our flight attendant was so so so so NICE!!!  She was AMAZING!!!  The whole Luftansa staff was TERRIFIC!!  They checked on Lyla constantly!!!  Oh and our flight attendant was a NURSE!!!  How awesome was that???    At one point she came and talked to Mike and I about our options.  She told us that we could emergency land if we thought necessary, the pilot could call an ambulance to meet us at JFK, they had a medical kit with paddles if needed, they could make a call for a doctor on the flight.  She did tell us that they had checked and a Pediatrician was not on the flight.
After Lyla's fever broke she was breathing much better.  The flight attendant wanted her to stay on the oxygen  for the remainder of the flight, Mike also thought this was a great idea!!  I was able to get Internet on the flight so I skyped with our pediatrician.  How awesome is that???  Dr.P said that as long as she was breathing better and seemed comfortable that she could fly to Buffalo.  If she was to get worse we would go to ER in NYC.  So we waited until we landed to decide what to do.  Really she was AMAZING!!  I asked for prayers on facebook and my goodness those prayers were heard because Lyla was a new GIRL and she was READY TO GO HOME!!!  The decision was not easy, that is for sure BUT I knew with all my heart and soul that Lyla deserved to go HOME!!!  If I thought she could make it, then DARN IT, SHE WAS GOING HOME!!!  So that was that!!!  Lyla Spitz landed in Buffalo NY!!!!  We even had a WELCOME HOME COMMITTEE waiting for us!!!!  We are just so very BLESSED!!!!
Please take a look at Sarah's blog for the welcome home pictures:

This morning started with a Doctor appointment for Lyla.  Lyla has bronchitis so she was given an antibiotic injection and a prescription for an oral antibiotic.  She had a fever of 104.3 at the doctor's office.  YUCK!!! Sara was just a big helper and absolutely adores her new sister.  SG is very interested in Lyla's missing hand.

 We got back from the Doctor's and Lyla thought she would hang out on the big bed with some of her siblings!!  Look at the way she is looking at me.  Pretty sure she is wondering why I didn't warn her about these two.
UH OH!!!  Then the other two toddlers joined in and Lyla is trying to keep an eye on each one.
Then my sweet girls decided it was lunch time!!  I really can't even believe that Lyla is home.  Lyla is in our kitchen sitting next to Belle.  OH MY!!!  This is when it is all so REAL!!!!


Lyla has a cardiology appointment on Monday.  So we will know very soon what the plan for her will be.  Please keep her in your prayers, we would appreciate it so much!!!

We Will Always Be Grateful!!!!!


  1. Ohhh! Praying and tears of gratefullness!!!! GOD IS SO VERY GOOD!!!!!

  2. She is home! So amazing. So happy for your beautiful family.

  3. WOOHOO Taylor!!! Lyla!!!! and the rest of the "littles" together on the bed!

    Tears of joy my friend, tears of joy!!!

  4. Between your post and Sarah's post and email, I am just a blubbering mess! LOL I'm just so, so, so very happy for all of you. I just can't even believe it has finally happened after such a LONG 2-year journey to this point. Plus you got two extra blessings out of it too. This story is one ONLY God could have written. I know it was not easy for you and Dave, but the Lord gets all the glory for bringing her home - FOREVER!

    Love to you all!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Such a happy day!!! I'm praying for her little heart!

  6. Congratulations on your new daughter! I'm so happy you made it home, and hoping she will feel better soon. Beautiful Lyla!


  7. We are so happy and excited for all of you. The photos of all the littles are just beautiful. Please give hugs to everyone from us. It is wonderful to see Tay in the photos. Please tell her "Hello" and "Welcome Home" from us. We love Lyla too!!

  8. It is so wonderful to see this precious angel home! Congratulations Summer and family!

  9. Those pictures are the most amazing thing I've seen in a while! WELCOME HOME LYLA! Also, Owen looks like a giant next to her.

  10. Just beautiful. Welcome home little one!