Thursday, September 13, 2012

Going home!!!

Yes, we are going HOME!!! We have Lyla's visa so we are ready to go!! Our flight leave at 2pm tomorrow. We will land in Buffalo, NY a little after midnight and we should be In our house around 3 am!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Please Pray that Lyla is comfortable on the flights. She had a rough day today and I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. So if you would please Pray for her I would appreciate it so very much!!! Thank YOU!!!

I really can't even believe I am bringing her HOME!!!!

We are forever grateful to all of you that have helped this dream of ours come true. We appreciate all you have done!!! We are beyond BLESSED!!!!



  1. Yayyy! You and your princess will be home reunited with your FAMILY! So soon! I can't believe her amazing story! God is good, all the time!!

  2. Words cannot express how truly happy I am for your family and for little miss Lyla! It is truly a God story. You should totally write a book! I cannot wait to see the pics of your whole family together. Let me know if you are ever out near Rochester :) Perhaps one day we can have a NY RR get-together.

  3. Congratulations Sptizes!!!! It is totally surreal to think the journey to this little girl, which started over 2 years ago, is finally coming to a very happy ending. Along the way you've rescued 2 more precious Ukrainians, and inspired a ton of people all around the world. I think it's safe to say all of us will be praying you guys safely back across the ocean this one last time. Safe travels!!

  4. Oh, what an AWESOME feeling to have that VISA in hand!! Congrats!!!! The embassy folks must know you by name by now. LOL

    Praying your trip home goes very smoothly. We'll be praying!

    Oh, if and ONLY if you happen to go to a store before you leave, would you mind picking me up a few bars of Milka chocolate with almonds? :-) Please don't make a special trip though, ok? The kids got Hershey bars last night at AWANA and Anna made a comment about how it's definitely not Milka. LOL That's what made me think of it. But like I said, only if you are there.

    Have a safe trip and I know everyone at your house is SOOO excited! Love ya!

  5. It is like a dream. This homecoming has been a very long time coming.

    Please know that I'll be there in thoughts and prayers with you. I told Sarah to make sure to give you a big big hug!

    So let's start off with "Welcome home LYLA ELIZABETH SPITZ!!!!" WELCOME HOME!


  7. Prayers for safe travels and a strong Lyla Bean!!

  8. We are all anxious to hear how the trip home was.