Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Soccer Practice

 For Owen, Gavin & Sara!!!!

I watch these crazy kids run around and I just can't even BELIEVE how VERY BLESSED I AM!!!

 I am pretty sure Gav thinks the definition of soccer is having Dad chase him all around a very large field!!
 Owen & Sara did so well listening and following directions!!!  
Gav - Um, not so much!!!!

 "Okay Gav - That is your Coach and you have to listen and follow his direction"
 "Sure Dad - what ever you say"
So when the coach says 
"everyone come get a ball"
Gavin runs out to the middle of the field
I'm thinking we are starting to make some real good direction following progress
Belle is trying to figure out what the heck Gavin is doing!!!
 Go Sara - Go Sara - GO!!!!!
 Owen being a veteran player was trying to give his sister some tips!!!!
 Sara said: 
 "Oh No Owen - I so got this"
 Gav needed a little help with kicking!!!
 Owen moved the ball like a CHAMP!!!!
 Oh How I Love This Boy!!!!!
 Look -  another Beautiful Boy that I Love FIERCELY!!!!!
Even if he is a little NAUGHTY!!!!
 Need a break Gav?
Not for the ball!!  
Not for a drill!!! 
 But for a DRINK!!!!!

Having his Dad chase him is very tiring and very dehydrating
Gavin was relieved someone had enough intelligence to bring beverages to this "Soccer" thing
After quenching his thirst he signed "all done" and jumped in the stroller!
Apparently the 1 hour soccer practice didn't apply to him
He signed up for the 15 minute practice!!

 Love this Picture so Very Much!!!!!
 So apparently we didn't feed these two well enough before leaving for practice!!
Poor children had nothing to eat but their own little fingers!!!
 Then we ended the day on the swings!!!
 With Smiles that can LIGHT UP The darkest of places!!!
 That warm their Mommy's heart like nothing else CAN!!!!
And remind me that I get to do it all over again Tomorrow!!!!

Beyond Blessed to Be a Part Of This!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! This is one of the best posts EVER!!!! What fun! I love how they had such a great time and Gavin well, let's just say that boy can put a smile on my face any day of the week.

    Bellie is forever great being the supportive sister and cheering them on, even if you didn't feed her enough food and had to resort to her fingers. hehehehehe so funny!

  2. This is the best post ever, completely made my day!!