Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poor Tay!!!

Tay had her wisdom teeth out yesterday and it was just plain YUCK!!!!!

Taylor isn't usually nervous about much.  She is very very strong willed, independent and nothing ever really bothers her.  Well, on our 2 hour trip to the oral surgeon office she was super nervous with a ton of "what ifs".  I was really surprised because this just isn't like her.  She kept saying "I know something is going to go wrong".  I told her she needed to calm down and everything would be just fine!!!

We got to the office and they called her back after only waiting about 15 minutes.  Oh, and now that Tay is 18 she had to fill out and sign all the paperwork - so weird for me!!!  It made me sad really.  Moving on.  She went back with the nurse and about 25 minutes later I hear her yell out a moan of PAIN.  Not a scream.  Just a very loud moan.  My stomach went nuts.  I tried hard to listen to what might be going on but it was SILENT.  So I calmed down a teeny tiny bit and just concentrated on listening.  I only heard what I thought was a drill but I didn't hear anything from Tay.

The nurse came to talk to me probably 15 minutes after I heard the drill.  She told me Tay did very well but she is very upset.  She explained that the medication to sedate her will make some patients very emotional.  She told me to expect Tay to say she remembered some of the procedure but that the next day she would forget it all.  I asked if it was my daughter that I heard in pain, she said "don't worry, she wont remember any of it".  I should mention this nurse was as sweet as can be.  To top it off she was from UKRAINE!!!  I guess Tay had told her about our adoptions and she Thanked me over and over again for saving children from her country.  We both were teary eyed at the end of the conversation.  Then I was instructed to bring the car around to the front door and she would walk her out.

I brought the car to the front and sat for just a moment or two.  Then the door opened and a girl that slightly resembled my daughter came out with the Ukrainian nurse.  Well, it hit me - that was my daughter.  Oh my, her face was so swollen and her color was awful.  I got out of the car as fast as I could and she started bawling.  I took her arm and helped her in the car.  I got in the drivers seat and she said

 "Mom, I wasn't asleep - I remember everything and I WAS SO SCARED".  

OH MY!!!!!!!  Hello Momma BEAR!!!  I wanted to KILL!!!!!!  Realizing her seeing me get upset would not help anything I took some serious deep breaths.  I tried to calm her down.  She was crying, gagging and choking.  She had a mouth full of gauze and with all the crying she couldn't control what was in her mouth.   I was terrified she was going to CHOKE on the gauze.  I told her that we would talk about all of it when we got home but she had to calm down.  She did start to calm down.  I am not going to lie, I was checking every mile marker on the highway in case I had to call 911.  Dramatic???  Maybe a little but I wasn't taking any chances.  I really can't remember being that nervous in a long time.  I think when Belle was unresponsive was the last time.  UGH!!!  These KIDS!!!

She fell asleep for about 10 minutes and I was so GRATEFUL she was resting.  Then she woke up and started to tell me everything she remembered.  Oh it was awful!!!  She had thought they gave her the wrong medicine and she really believed that they were taking out her jaw.  Reaction from the sedation???  I don't know, maybe.  What I do know is that it doesn't matter that she is old enough to fill out her own darn forms and sign them, I will NEVER BE ABLE TO HANDLE HER BEING SCARED OR IN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!  That is a FACT!!!!

I tried to talk about anything I could think of to get her mind off of what happened.  She did not sleep the rest of the hour ride home.  We got home, she went right to the couch where I waited on her for the rest of the day.  I have to admit, it was so nice!!  I remembered when she was little with the stomach flu and she was on the couch just eating up the princess treatment.  She ate it up again and that was just fine with me!!!!

Today she still remembers everything!!  I would do anything for that not to be the case!!!  She does look a ton better though today.  Her color is better and the swelling has gone way down.  Taylor says she only has a little pain - THANK GOD!!!!!!

The lesson I learned yesterday is :

Eighteen is just another number!!!!!

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  1. So sorry Taylor :( Feel letter quickly honey!!! xoxox