Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Loving This Weather!!!!

 Gav loves this little push bike and he does amazingly well getting around on it
 Nick & Gavin have a very special bond
 We bring the pool out so that Belle can have some freedom outside.  Of course she has her 1 and only favorite toy with her!!!
 Just because Sara wears a dress doesn't mean she doesn't want to play with trucks!!!
 Owen was so hoping to go for a walk while Gav was very busy at his workshop.
 Then we brought out the bounce house and three of our four toddlers played endlessly in it.
 I love when I can capture Sara & Owen actually getting along!!!
 Hello Handsome!!!!  Owen was bringing a ball to Belle since she doesn't like to be in the bounce house!!!
 I can NOT even tell you what that beautiful smile does to me.
 Gav was so proud of himself that he could enter and exit the fun all by himself.
 It is so hard to get a good picture of Sara since she is ALWAYS on the move.  So I have to catch her during a break.
 These three had an Absolute Blast!!!!

 Bellie Bug likes to watch her siblings in the bounce house - she doesn't want any part of being in it that is for sure!!!
I can't help but take pictures of her piggies - they are the cutest darn piggies in the WORLD!!!

 Snack Time!!!  Yes, Gavin would be using both hands to shove two animal crackers in his mouth.  He still gets a little nervous that there will not be enough food for him :(

 My Beautiful Ukrainians!!!!
 AWE!!!!  Gavin is helping Belle with a goldfish!!!!  LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it is very safe to say that we are absolutely LOVING THE WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Summer - I love your kids!! Every single one of them! They make me smile. Thank you for crossing the ocean for two of them. If you hadn't.... I would not be blessed with their cute faces when I read in my google reader.

  2. Your house sounds like lots of fun! I love the picture of Gavin helping Bellie! That picture should be used for Down Syndrome/ adoption awareness ;) They are just too cute!