Saturday, March 10, 2012

PLEASE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP LYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Friends, I promise you if we had $15,000 we wouldn't hesitate to head back over the ocean to get this most precious beautiful little girl!!!  But we don't!!!!  We are still paying off our loan for Gavin.  We did not qualify for the tax refund for Gav because our 10 day wait was over in 2012.  So we just can NOT take out another loan.  UGH!!!!!!!

 I swore I would never ever cross that ocean again but I would for HER.  I swore we were not going to adopt again, but we would for HER.  I swore I would never leave my family again but I would for HER!!!!  Everything I swore I wouldn't do again, I WOULD DO FOR HER!!!!!  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  But stupid MONEY has to be the reason that holds us BACK this time.  I HATE to even admit that!!!!!  It's true though we can not afford to take care of another child and pay off a $30,000 loan.

Please PRAY FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!   PLEASE SHARE HER WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!  She is already living on borrowed time!!!  She is a FIGHTER no doubt but how long can her little body hold on!!!!!!

I can't even think about the day I held her with out having a bit of a breakdown.  That girl has my HEART!!!  It is a FACT!!!!  She holds it in her little hand!!!  She held on to me so strong!!!!  I promised her that her Mommy & Daddy were coming for her!!!!  I have broke so many promises to this girl!!!!  Please help me not break another!!!!!

Thank you to each of you that will advocate and Pray for this sweet girl!!!  I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!

PLEASE GOD HELP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I was SO sad to see this! Poor baby!!

  2. What if we got really aggressive in fundraising? If we can get you the money would you commit to her? Lets see what we can do.

    Be blessed


  3. Oh NO!!!! I thought she had a family??? What happened? I will keep her in my prayers!

  4. Summer what happened?? She had a family.

    Will pray and pray for her!!

  5. What happened to the family that was committed to her???!!! =(

  6. Oh Dear! So sorry for this news. God must have big plans for Lyla or the devil wouldn't work so hard to keep her from having a family! God will win -- her family has to be out there somewhere!

    I just blogged for Lyla and linked to you:

  7. I thought of you right away when I heard about this. I can't imagine how yours & the other families' hearts are hurting right now (I see their blog is gone). Please know you have a friend interceding to the God of miracles for you ALL, especially Lyla. God's comfort to each of you.

  8. Hi Summer, I've been following your blog since you went to get Belle. I can't tell you how much I admire how you and all the other adoptive parents are helping these kids.
    There'll be a lot of people like me - too old or otherwise unable to adopt, but we could give money. Can you post details of how to donate to Lyla? Or to you, if by some miracle you could take her after all?

  9. My heart is breaking for sweet Lyla and you and the other family. I hate that money has so much to do with bring her and the others to a family. I know we would have at least 2 more but for stupid money. I hate it! I'll pray her family gets to her soon.

  10. Linda,

    In case you haven't heard yet, you can go directly to Lyla's page on the Reeces Rainbow web site and make a tax deductible donation to her fund. This money is released to the family that is going to adopt her once they are ready to travel to meet her. (Her name on Reeces Rainbow is Lilianna).

    Sue H.