Monday, March 12, 2012

GO GOD!!!!!!

God is Moving Mountains Friends!!!  God will NOT let sweet Lilianna (Lyla) go with out a family!!!  NO WAY!!!!!

So many WONDERFUL GENEROUS people are pulling together to make sure that a family is funded to bring her home.  They are working SO VERY HARD to put together a super AWESOME Fundraiser all in Lilianna's name!!!  Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what else???  I know of FOUR, yes FOUR families that would LOVE for her to be part of their forever FAMILY!!!!!  So we are patiently waiting to see who the super BLESSED family is that GOD has for her!!!!! 

Of course our hearts BREAK for the Mars family that they were not able to continue with their adoption.  They loved this little one so very much!!!  Please, Please Keep this Beautiful Family in your PRAYERS!!!!

I can't even come close to EVER thanking you all enough!!!!  You are all true warriors!!!!  I am grateful to each one of you for doing anything and everything you can to help bring this treasure home to her family!!!  Please Continue the fight!!!  Please don't stop until she is home safe and sound!!!  I promise you with everything I have that this sweet girl is so very deserving of all your hard work!!!!!

If you can, please donate to her fund:

Our sweet son, Gavin was in the same orphanage as Lilianna!!!  Take a little look at what a life out of the orphanage will offer her!!!

 Freedom to walk and explore!!!
 The ability to maybe look at her siblings and try and figure out what could possibly be so funny!!
 Knowing that a sibling means having a Best Friend Forever!!!!

And the opportunity to experience the JOY of swinging OUTSIDE!!!

Please Keep Storming Heaven for Lilianna

Thank You!!!!


  1. Oh Summer... I am soo soo HAPPY! God is doing MIGHTY things through that beautiful princess!!!!! HUGS!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  2. Praying that God will quickly send the perfect family for this sweet little dolly!