Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Conor!!!!

We celebrated Conor's 17th Birthday on March 4th!!  I can't even believe he is 17!!!!  CRAZY!!!!

 Conor's Dad and soon to be Mom (I do NOT like the word "step" in front of "mom") brought him strawberry shortcake because it is his FAVORITE!!!!
 Conor & Nick have to be sarcastic for every picture I ever take.

I take a million pictures but the boys make sure I can't use 99% of them.  WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT??
 Okay - Back to the party.  Here is Gavin trying to score some shortcake.  He went to everyone for a sample.
 Every time we are all in the same room a big kid is ALWAYS playing with one of the little ones.  It is so so so AWESOME!!!!  I really really really have the BEST KIDS AROUND!!!!!

Just another awesome big brother moment!!!!
 This is the only picture I have that has everyone in it.  Well except Dave and I.
 Owen LOVES his sister so so so MUCH!!!!!
 See Owen's smile?  Well, Owen thinks Jessie (Conor's Girlfriend) is his girlfriend.  He is sure of it!!!  So he was out of his mind excited to sit next to her.  Awe!!!

 Jessie is such a TROOPER!!!  She is an only child and she handles this CRAZY MAD HOUSE so well!!!  I am amazed really.  As soon as she comes in toddlers are all over her, climbing, jumping and trying to hug the life out of her.  She just smiles so sweetly and laughs!!!  WOW!!!!  Conor is very lucky to have such a beautiful and super sweet girlfriend!!!  
 Taylor and Belle have a very special bond.
 Michael (Conor's Dad), Sarah (Soon to be Mom) and Grandma Karen

Conor, even though you try and ruin every picture I take - I Love you with all my heart!!!!!  I am so PROUD of you and I Thank GOD that you are my son every day!!!!  I am excited to see all the amazing and wonderful things you will accomplish.

I will always remember when I asked you what you wanted for your birthday dinner and you said

"let's make pizza because I know that would be fun for the babies". 

 You could have had anything you wanted - we could of went out - we could have had your favorite meal but NOPE you wanted to do something that would be fun for your siblings!!!!!  Now that LOVE and that selflessness is what makes me the PROUDEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ceej - I Love YOU!!!!!!!!


  1. Well I have to say that Izzy and I think that looks like so much fun that she asked if we could move to NY. That girl is crazy like that! LOL

    Fun fun fun your household is filled with it.

    Glad to see that he had a great birthday. What a sweet girlfriend and yes Owen's smile couldn't get any bigger!


  2. Happy Birthday Coner!!! I'm not gonna lie, when I read that he wanted to make pizza because it would be fun for the babies--it made me tear up!!! What wonderful kids you have!!!

  3. Awesome times! Awesome memories!!
    Love this Family!