Monday, March 5, 2012

Angels on Earth!!!!

Angels on Earth, they say are rare
I tell you the truth - I know a pair

One is four and the other is three
And I just can’t believe God sent them to me

They are my children, Gavin & Belle
There is no doubt from Heaven they fell

They have almond shaped eyes and low set ears
21 chromosomes means Blessings for years

One is verbal, the other not yet
One is walking, the other very soon I bet

They possess a beauty inside and out
They will do amazing things – I have no doubt

They are precious treasures, a fact that is true
Blessings come in chromosomes, something I wish everyone knew

They Love; They Laugh, and They radiate JOY
Thank you GOD for my BLESSINGS
A Girl & a Boy!!!


  1. Truly Beautiful, Summer. I agree with you 1000%.

  2. Oh Friend, I was not prepared for such beautîful touching words!!!CRYING!!!HAPPY tears!!!
    You are INDEED BLESSED!!!

  3. Beautiful beautiful post Summer! They are angels indeed!