Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You must be leaving the country soon if......

Your little ones start to get sick!!  Yep, Conor, Nick and I are leaving this Sunday.  So that means little ones should start getting sick, right?

Sweet Belle started this morning with just a fever.  Now she just feels miserable - Poor Princess!!!!  Even when she doesn't feel well she is still just absolutely precious!!!  Look at those chubby little fingers and those beautiful chubby cheeks.

Belle had a follow up eye appointment this morning.  She will most likely need another surgery for her left eye.  Her little eye just can't seem to be content staying in the middle.  

Then this afternoon, Owen said "My tummy hurts".

So he is all snugged up on the couch so he can get better ASAP!!!  My poor Bud!!!

Sara was feeling left out being that she still felt well - so she struck a pose so she could be included too!!

Then she felt bad that no one was taking a picture of Mommy.  So I agreed to let her take a picture.  She asked that I kneel in front of her kitchen for the perfect background.  She said "okay Mommy, Big cheese"!

Sara is so proud that her picture is in this blog post.  When I showed her the preview she said "Oh Mommy - you must be so Proud of Me".  You bet I am sweet Girl!!!!   The Proudest!!!!


  1. I thought you were going to say you "lost" your cell phone, like you thought you did before you left to get Belle. Remember you were talking to Dave on it and told him you couldn't find it;) Seriously, I'm so sorry that Owen and Belle aren't feeling well. We will pray for a quick recovery.

  2. Oh poor Bellie and Owen! Get better soon guys!

    Sara you took a great picture of mommy!