Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tripp Received His Angel Wings

Beautiful Tripp Roth received his ANGEL WINGS yesterday!!!  He is now walking hand in hand with Jesus, PAIN FREE!!!

But now his poor poor AMAZING MOTHER is left with out her most very best friend.  Just thinking of the pain that Courtney is enduring is horrific.  Please Pray for Courtney!!!  Please Pray for this whole family!!!

You Beautiful Beautiful Little Boy!!!!  
You are AMAZING!!!!!!  
Heaven is so lucky to have YOU!!!!!


  1. I put Courtney on our Special intentions list in church this morning. My heart breaks just thinking about her and her loss. If anyone can come through this stronger it's her. She is already stronger than most.

    But, Summer Tripp has seen the face of God! He's in heaven and giggling up a storm, for that we must rejoice for him!


  2. I was heart broken when I heard that Tripp had passed away. What a tough little boy he was with an amazing Mommy. He is now running, pain free and singing his Elmo songs. Bless you Tripp and Courtney:)