Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gavin & Lyla

Well today was the day!!!  I was so BLESSED to carry this beautiful boy out of those orphanage doors to begin a NEW life!!!  SO AMAZING!!!!

Today was a whirlwind of emotions - I am still spinning.  We met with the Director so I could sign some papers and Thank her for taking such good care of Gavin.  She is so sweet and she made me promise to send her pictures of Gavin often.  Then I asked for a favor.  I asked if I could please see Lyla (soon to be Lily) as I had a gift for her that Christina had made.  I am not going to lie - I was so nervous I thought I would pass right out when she said "of course".  As I followed her - I couldn't hold it in - I was a MESS!!!  Then we entered this very little room that led to another little room.  AND THERE SHE WAS!!  Oh My!!!!  My heart HURT!!!  I asked her caregiver if I could hold her, she was hesitant but the director said "YES, YES".  I held that baby and I couldn't control any of my emotions.  Tears were flowing and I couldn't even believe I was holding her.  She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!  She touched my face so softly!!!  I was overwhelmed with GUILT!! How could I have not kept the promises I made to her???  How could I walk away from her????  She is so pale and so weak.  She is in a "sick" room.  I could only stay for a few minutes.  The boys were not allowed in either.  This room was so small.   They told me to say "good bye"!   I kissed her precious little head and told her how MUCH I LOVE HER.  I told her that her Mommy & Daddy are coming for her and that they LOVE HER SO MUCH TOO.  I told her that Christina LOVES HER and made her this very special bunny. She just looked at me the whole time and smiled.  I honestly felt like she understood everything I told her.  I told her I was so sorry and then I handed her to the caregiver.  I pretty much ran out of that room.

It was then time to pull my self together because we were going to get Gavin.  To bring him in to our family forever.  So Awesome!!!  The boys were looking at me like they were a little concerned.  So I wiped my tears and prayed silently for a little help.  We were in another building so it took a little bit to get to Gavin's groupa and it is just what I needed.  We opened the door to his groupa and there he WAS!!  Oh my, sitting at the table just waiting for his new life to begin.  He said "Ma Ma Ma Ma", well he actually screamed it.  Oh Thank GOD!!!!  He was so excited and couldn't get out of his little seat fast enough.  The nanny scooped him up and put his coat, snow pants, gloves and the most beautiful owl hat made by Miss. Sara!!!!  Oh boy did he look so handsome!!!  The nanny walked him out and it was my time to scoop him up FOREVER!!!  Oh My, Gavin is coming HOME!!!!!  Thank You JESUS!!!!!!!  Nick & Conor took a video but it takes forever to load darn it!!  Here are some pictures of yesterday and today.

Your new life buddy!!!  Just one of the many benefits:  napping with your big brother!!!!!



  1. Oh Summer my heart hurts for you seeing Lyla must have been so hard, I'm so proud of you.

    God is good! The Spitz Family is GREAT! I love how your guys are so loving and wonderful with the little ones. Gavin is going to have a great life. While this is a confusing time for him it is also the best time for him.

    Praying for Gavin to know the love that surrounds him. I love the sleeping picture. How cute is that!

  2. Congratulations!!! How amazing is it that your older sons got to experience this? So amazing! Gavin is just precious and I loved all the pictures! He just gets cuter in every picture!!

  3. Oh Summer.... I am so glad you got to hold the child who called you across that ocean. I am so grateful you were given that gift. That was from God. Her Mama and Papa are coming soon and she is going to bless their socks off and you are going to be weeping and crying and praising God for HIS WISDOM in all of this. HIS WAYS ARE NOT ALWAYS OUR WAYS AND HIS THOUGHTS ARE NOT ALWAYS OUR THOUGHTS... Oh no... His are MUCH BETTER!! THREE BABES RESCUED. THREE. I'm weeping with you. I'm rejoicing that soon she will know the love of a family. Soon and very soon.

  4. I am complete blubering mess here at work! I am so happy for you all and those (big) boys my heart is just so happy with them! Love you guys!!!

  5. Oh, Summer. I am so glad that you got to hold Lyla. I couldn't finish reading the rest of your post for a little bit because I couldn't see through my tears. Wow, Gavin looks great. So happy to see you and the boys with him. Beautiful! Praying everything goes smoothly the rest of your trip.

  6. Oh Summer! my heart was beating so fast as i read this! OMG you got to hold her! I'm crying now too!! She knows Summer, Lyla knows you love her,she's going to go home too. NO GUILT!!!! it worked out as it was supposed to! And God let you hold her!!!! What a gift!!!!

    That last photo is the best!!!!!
    Love you!!!

  7. What a beautiful post!! God had a plan for you and you did what God wanted you to do...Praise God!! Blessings to you and your new addition!! Love the picture with the sleeping boys!!

    There is no better place then to be smack dab in the center of Gods will!!!

  9. Oh sweet Summer!!! You have me crying so hard! And to see the pictures of her... God has a beautiful plan for that sweet little girl, and you are a big part of it!!! If it weren't for her capturing your heart, Belle wouldn't be waiting for you at home, and Gavin wouldn't have left the orphanage today. You promised her you would be there for her, and you have been! I know she felt your love today, and she knows she has a family coming for her!! She can feel the love!! Today was something special, and she won't forget!!! BIG HUGS to you friend!!!! ♥♥♥

    Happy Gotcha Day Gavin!!!! I love you bud, and I'm happy your hat fits! :)

    Ps... I think Auntie Crackers (aka the Pastor's Wife) is just a little bit excited for you! LOL

  10. My heart hurts for you too Summer.This must of been the best day and the worst day all in one. But Julia and Sarah are so right. You didn't let her down and you didn't turn your back on all of the others when she wasn't available for adoption anymore.Because of your love for one sweet girl three are going home! WELL DONE!!!!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is OUT!! Oh, the emotions...I remember all too well. I'm SO glad you got a chance to hold Lyla too. What a gift from God. Sarah is right. She said better than I could have. :-) Love that girl! Praying for the rest of your journey to be wonderful and smooth. Love to you and your boys!