Monday, January 9, 2012

Did you hear it??? Did you feel it????

 Could you hear me scream with excitement all over this world - did you feel the earth move as I jumped like a crazy lunatic with pure JOY!!!!

This Beautiful Big Blue Eyed Beauty HAS A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!   LILIANNA (aka: Lyla) has a family of her very own working hard to bring her HOME!!!!

Oh My Goodness Gracious this indeed is a very GOOD DAY!!!!!



  1. I have been stalking blogger waiting for your post!! So so happy for her and you, it has to be a huge weight lifted!

  2. I was coming to your blog specifically to see if you had announced it!!! So happy for that precious girl to be found!!!

  3. I heard you, I heard you!!!!
    Oh Summer, we celebrate with you!!!!
    "our" girl has finally a FAMILY!!!!

  4. As soon as I saw her picture on the MFFM page I came right here to see if you'd posted yet. I didn't follow your blog back when you were trying to adopt her but I can only imagine seeing her on MFFM was one of those handful of moments you'll never forget. So happy for her - can't wait to see who her family is.

    Sue H.

  5. Oh Summer, I am so excited I have been praying evernight sweet Lilianna find a family!!!


  6. what whattttt! That is FANTASTIC!

  7. I did see it today and immediately wondered if you knew yet. Such amazing news! Your prayers have been answered. Praise God!

  8. Oh my God! This part of the world is celebrating!! Fantastic news! She is such a fighter! I still remember I cried so much when I heard she may not survive because of her difficult condition, and WISHED for a day like today!