Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happiest Mom Ever In The Whole World

We skyped with the kids!!!  Oh My - Even Sweet Belle!!!!  Bellie even smiled because she could hear us!!! Yes, I am an emotional MESS!!!!!  Everyone looks so good and they are having so much FUN!!!  Oh My Gosh, I am not sure how I ever got so BLESSED with so much GOOD STUFF.   Being FAR AWAY is Hard but when you can see all your children from across the ocean and know you are going to meet your 7th child in just a few days - Well, Life Is So Very Good!!!!

Thank you to ALL OF YOU so very MUCH!!!!  Your Prayers are FELT constantly!!!!  We are so so so so BLESSED and I just want you all to know how much we appreciate your support!!!!

We slept 6 hours and it felt so good - now I am going to try for round 2!!!

Oh and I want to mention being here for the second time is just so AWESOME!!!  Since we are not overwhelmed with the "unknown" we were able to take in everything while traveling in the car from the airport.  This really is such a beautiful place.  Different, Very much So!!!  But so BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I am soon to be the very PROUD Mom (God Willing) of two very precious Ukranian treasures!!!!



  1. So happy you got to see your children at home! I'm praying for you, and I'm stalking your blog like crazy waiting to hear all about the SDA and meeting GAVIN!!!

  2. You are so blessed because you are a blessing my dear friend!! Hope all continues to go well with your trip. Sending Love over the ocean xxoxoxoxox

  3. Oh Summer! I can't believe you are really over there!!! That is so awesome Skyping went so well. And I understand exactly what you mean about being able to take it all in. I only wish you would have gotten to see a different season though, but hey, at least you know what to expect, right? :-) Praying all goes well at your appt. And have some Milka chocolate for me when your tummy is 100% better! LOL