Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You know you are adopting when..........

Okay now we have waited for a travel date for over 8 weeks.  Checking the computer like a maniac every moment I can for an update.  The word (unofficial) on the streets of Ukraine  TODAY is that families might be invited for an appointment on December 5.  OH MY!!!!!!  Now, it is hard to be jumping out of my skin with excitement because we DO NOT HAVE A PLAN FOR OUR CHILDREN AT HOME.  Oh My - Oh My!!!!  My Mom is out of the hospital (Thank GOD) but she is in no condition to take care of the kids.  My sister just went in the hospital, so........    

Please Pray that a very capable wonderful generous person will be just miraculously dropped at our house to take care of my very precious family.

So the bottom line is, 
you know your adopting when 
your Mom and Sister are both hospitalized prior to taking care of your family.  


  1. Oh Summer, I'm so sorry about your mom and sister!! I'm praying for them! I know GOD will send the right person to take care of your babies while you are away bringing Gavin home!!

  2. Hey, get Teri to fly up! She would be wonderful! I'll be praying, sister... I so feel your pain as we are leaving in EIGHT days!!!

  3. LOL ok is that me you're offering up Renee? :) I see that comment Renee! I told her to bring them on down but there was a conversation about they have to do school blah blah blah, it is overrated. I will give them an education of the school of life. LOL

    I'm happy to hear that your mom is doing so well although bummed to hear that your sister is in the hospital.

    Thanks for listening to me today, I really appreciate it. :(

  4. You know that for YOU and YOUR FAMILY I would jump on a plane NOW!!!! If I only could.....
    PRAYINGPRAYINGPRAYING for the right person to be ready!!!!

  5. Praying for you!!!! I do not know where you live, but if you are close I'll help <3

  6. Yes, and you know when you're adopting when your kids get sick too. :-( Hope Bellie is feeling better soon!