Sunday, November 20, 2011

This and That

Look what we got in the mail

 We Have Our Very Own Charlotte Original!!!!!
Please go HERE!!!  Read all about this girl and her AMAZING parents!!!!
I can NOT tell you how much it means to me to have her artwork on our fridge. 
Thank you so much Kelly!!!!!

Our sweet Belle is so not feeling well.  She is on an antibiotic and hopefully she will be feeling better ASAP.  You know every time she gets sick I freak out that she will end up in the hospital.  Since she has only been sick really twice and was admitted both times.  Please Pray the antibiotic works - Thank you so much!!! 

 Poor Girl!!!!!
Forces out a smile for her Mom!!!  She is such a TROOPER and I just Love her so very much!!!!!

Sarah & Mila are home!!!!  YAY!!!!!  We had planned to go to the airport for the BIG HOMECOMING but Belle was just too sick :(     They are NOW HOME all SAFE AND SOUND and we are so GRATEFUL!!!!!!  Congratulations Basile Family - We sure do Love You Guys!!!!!!

My Mom is doing better - Thank GOD!!!!  She is off the oxygen and breathing just fine on her own (Thank you so much for all the prayers).  Unfortunately she developed a new symptom 3 days ago - Bad Stomach Pain.  She will be having a barium swallow on Monday.  

Maybe we will get a travel date this week to meet our beautiful boy!!!  I can NOT wait to hold him!!!!!

I Love You Gavin!!!!!!


  1. Get better Bellie! I'm thinking of you and saying prayers the antibiotics kick in really soon.

    Love the art work, what a sweet lady Kelly is to share her daughters artwork.

    Yeah! the Basile family is all together once again.

    Oh boy, more prayers for your mom, let's hope they figure out her tummy issues.

  2. Got to LOVE those Charlotte originals! Praying your sweet girl is feeling better soon!


  3. We hope Belle is feeling better soon. Poor little thing. She is still cute as a button even not feeling well. It is going to be a crazy week for me, so I want to wish you and the entire family, "Happy Thanksgiving". Praying that you get a travel date soon.

  4. Love the artwork!!!

    Praying for your sweet little one <3 I just hate when they get sick especially if it means hospitals :(

    Do glad Mila is home and your mom is doing better :)