Monday, October 17, 2011

Thank You ALL!!!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you left on my last post!!  You guys are the BEST!!!!

Jill - Thank you for understanding completely as you too know about Christmas away from home!!

We truly are trying to stay super positive.
1)  Halloween is Owen's favorite - so I am so HAPPY we will be able to celebrate with him.  This will be Bellie's first Halloween so that will be so special!!!
2)  I LOVE Thanksgiving so MUCH!!!  Conor and I cook all day and Nick and I shop on Black Friday and go out for breakfast!  And of course, Belle's first Thanksgiving!!!   These are 3 very important dates so knowing we will be here is nice!!!
3)  Sara's preschool is having a field trip to a cider mill and I get to chaperone next week - YAY!!!  So FUN!!!
4)  The thought that MOLLY might be able to come and stay with the kids to help my Mom - Oh My that is the BEST EVER!!!!!  If we are gone during her Christmas break!!!  (Thank you so much Molly for that Amazing offer)
5)  We have some time to raise some more money.  This is HUGE!!!  Since now we will not be able to claim the tax credit offered to adopting families in 2011.  This HURTS!!!!  This is how we planned to pay back our loan.  But since Gavin will not be home until 2012 we will not qualify.  OUCH!!!!!!

So these positives only have to do with us.  I can NOT come up with one positive for poor Gavin having to stay in an orphanage for 2 more months or more.  YUCK!!!!  Poor little Buddy - I sure do LOVE him and I can't do a thing..........  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

I found this picture the other day and I just LOVE it soooooooooo Much.  I wanted to share with all of you!!!!

Is that the best "pucker up" you have ever seen?????


  1. Thats a great picture!


  2. Still praying for that miracle for travel dates to happen ASAP!!! Praying for your heart too...You are being SO much more positive than I could be in your shoes. Love ya!

  3. Yayyy! I am so seriously in if our dates line up!!! Look at daddy and his lil girl! So loved!

  4. Lovin that picture. Oh my, Molly you are awesome! What a true blessing that would be to have her be able to help out.

    Praying for you to get word on a travel date.