Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Can she get any cuter?????

 Belle absolutely LOVES to get comfy in Mommy & Daddy's bed!  She is so funny!!!  She pulls the covers up and she is so PROUD!!!!!  Oh and in case you might wonder why she often has a cell phone -  she listens to music.  It was the best thing we could think of that she could hold with ease.
 I Love when she makes this face!!!  
 So very PRECIOUS!!!!!
 And just as SWEET as can be!!!
I call this her "learning face"!!!  She just takes everything in.  Even what seems so simple to most people Belle finds absolutely interesting!!!!!  My Goodness this girl teaches me so MUCH!!!!!


  1. :) I love seeing her with the cellphone, looks like she is deep in conversation.

    So adorable, as all your children are!

  2. Lilya has a little MP3 player from Radio Shack -- Gigaware is the brant. It's small enough for her to carry around, and when you start it, you can "lock" it, so it doesn't get accidentally shut off. It was around $40.

    She had a tinier version of the same brand, that would clip to her clothing ... but Ruby FLUSHED it!

    Anyway, we really like this brand, because of the locking feature and how small it is -- and the fact that it has built-in speakers, so no need for headsets.

    Belle looks amazing!! What a beautiful, beautiful girl.

  3. How we love your BEAUTIFULBEAUTIFUL BELLIE-GIRL!!!! Those pics are AWESOME, it shows Bellies sparkling personality in a very special way!!! Thanks for sharing, dear FRIEND!!!