Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Fun

So many fun things going on for this Halloween season.  Owen is beside himself with crazy excitement.  All of these activities to wear a costume out in public is a dream come true for him.  Oh he is having a BLAST!!!!

We are so BLESSED to live in a community with a Children's Safety Village.  It is this beautifully constructed little village with streets, buildings, traffic signs, etc...  It is AWESOME!!!  It was built to educate children of our community about Fire Safety and Bicycle Safety.   Well this is the second year that they have hosted an incredible Safe Fright Night.  So Wednesday evening we got the three Little's dressed up and off we went.  Dave was in charge of pictures - um - well yes, he is the most Amazing Dad ever but not so much of a photographer.  So this is what we got:
 Red Power Ranger and Pretty Pink Butterfly
Bellie the little brown Monkey

Then Thursday Sara's preschool had a Halloween party.  

 Bellie was invited too!!  So fun!!!  She is not happy that I am only allowing her to have a bag of tim bits and not the big plate of treats.  She is sooo giving me the stink eye with a "Really Mom??????"
 Sara and her best friend Mikael!!  Don't they make a cute couple?
 Sweet Belle!!

Then today - Owen had his school Halloween Party!!!  I can not even tell you how out of his mind with excitement he was.  It is so so so so fun to watch him!!!  Oh My - I just LOVE it all!!!!  

 Of course I was crying when he saw his Dad in the doorway.  He was so excited and proud!!!  
Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my life????  If not, boy oh boy I sure am!!!!
 All dressed and talking to Captain America.  They were trying to decide who was stronger. No conclusion was made sadly.
 Okay - I probably don't have to squeeze the life out of my children for a picture but I just can't help myself!!!
 Oh do I LOVE this picture!!!! 
 Three super hero's planning out how in the world they are going to save the day with all these adults around!!!  Spidey is making an entrance to the meeting so maybe he will have an idea!!
 Look at this group!!  WOW!!!!  So Fun!!!  And my beautiful boy front and center with the Biggest Smile!!!! I am so in Love with that little man!!!!
And there he is, Owen Power Ranger Police.  Just taking it all in!!!  
How ever are we going to explain when Tuesday comes that it is all over?????????


  1. You have the cutest kids! I bet you have a blast when the costumes go on clearance, buying Owen lots of costumes to wear year round ;)

  2. LOL Love all the pictures. Owen you are truly wonderful.