Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dave & Bellie

Thank you so much for all your comments on the Bellie walking video!!!

Jane - Yes, Bellie wears little orthotics for her ankles every day.  They have made a huge difference.

Also, I forgot to mention that Belle is now receiving PT and OT 3 times a week for 30 minutes each.  I am positive this is making the BIG difference in her steps lately!!!

Dave & Bellie

The truth is Dave & Bellie have recently found this crazy bond!  I honestly thought I would be Belle's "favorite" forever!!  I was counting on it!!  But that little stinker is so in LOVE with her Dad that when he is home she doesn't even know I exist.  I'm like "Hello Bellie - Remember me??????".  Nope, she wants to be with her Dad and that's it.  So if you watched the video of Belle walking - this is why she has to stop after step 3 to get some Love from her father.  And this new found LOVE goes both ways.  Guess who I found in my bed last night???????  Yep, Miss Belle!!!!  Her Dad had his arms wrapped around her tight, whispering in her ear "night, night pretty girl".   And she just laid there eating it all up!  Smiling away!!!!  So I got in to bed and just watched these two.  I can't think of many things I have ever enjoyed more.  They just snuggled for about an hour, talking, smiling, giggling.  It was so AWESOME!!!  Then they both just slowly fell asleep, Dave still with his arms wrapped around her.  Then she wiggled out - I assumed she was going to come over and snuggle me but NO - she put her head on her Dad and fell right to sleep.  I couldn't help but think of Belle's birth father.  The orphanage director told us that her birth father called to check on her often and would stop in the orphanage to check with the Director on how she was doing.  He even called the day we first met Belle as if he knew maybe that her life that day was about to change forever.  He never would go see her - the director said it was "too difficult for him".  So I couldn't help but wondered if he could ever of imagined that a Man on the other side of the ocean would come to adopt his daughter.  Give her his last name.  Work hard to support her and make sure she had everything she would need.  Hug her.  Kiss her.  Love her unconditionally Forever. Do you think he could ever even fathom that this same man would hold her tight, tell her how pretty she is and fall asleep with her in his arms?  I PRAY that he does know.  I PRAY that he has PEACE!!!  I PRAY that he knows that her Daddy is forever GRATEFUL to him for creating this rare beauty that he is BLESSED to call his DAUGHTER!!!!


  1. Oh darn it almost made it all the way thru without tears until the end with the questions of if he ever wonders and knows. I pray that he knows and has peace.

    Those two together oh goodness what a sight.

    Bellie's smile is contagious in a very very good way. :)

    Love you Bellie!

  2. BEAUTIFUL POST!!! Makes me CRY, both, happy and sad tears....Praying with you he knows and he has peace!!
    And I am again just in awe how GOD brought BEAUTIFUL BELLIE into your family, she was meant to be yours and especially a DADYs GIRL:):)!!!!
    LOVE you all!!!

  3. Tears again!! This is just becoming a tradition now! Come here and have a good cry!

    :)))Hugs and kisses to Bellie

  4. Bellie is soo blessed to have such and AWESOME daddy that she loves so much, and who loves her right back!!! Love this post!! ♥


  5. I saw this and immediately had to sent it to my husband! So amazing and absolutely beautiful!

  6. You are so blessed to have such an amazing husband and father to your children! I've always been a "daddy's girl" so I totally understand Belle ;)