Monday, September 5, 2011

Wow, Ouchie, Amazing and Look at this

Our donations went up $150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I honestly am in shock!!!!!!  (I can't wait to find out who you are)  I was just checking our "Almost There" page on Reece's Rainbow and saw the number $1200 and my eyes popped out of my head.  Well nearly!!! 
Thank you!!!!  Thank you!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!! 

We hope to travel soon so every penny just HELPS so much!!!!!  And $150 is just so  much money - WOW!!!  When we (okay - me at first) decided it was time to adopt again.  Dave was so concerned about the money.  I kept telling him "It will all work out - have some FAITH"!!!!  Well - I tell you what - he is finally starting to have some FAITH because of all the generous people that are donating!!!!  You guys sure are good to us!!!!!  Really, if we get to $2,000 before we travel - I don't think I will ever AGAIN have to ask Dave to have FAITH!!!!!!  He will be a BELIEVER!!!!!

We want to send a Big Bellie Hug to these Wonderful People who have donated:

Kristie Schwab
Laura Lemire-Janson
Theresa McGilvray
Kelly Shoup

We are Forever GRATEFUL to YOU!!!!!!


Our Sweet Little Sara Grace fell and got a big "ouchie" on the outside of her left eye.  Dave was pretty sure she needed a stitch or two.  So i called my Bestest Friend Denise who is a nurse to see if she would take a look at it and see if she would need to go to the hospital.  I dreaded bringing her to the ER.  Denise recommended I just call one of our Pediatricians and see if they would meet us at the office and glue her little laceration.  So I did!!!  I called Dr. Przygodzki one of our WONDERFUL PEDIATRICIANS and he agreed to meet us at the office.  Dave, Taylor and Sara went and Dr.P glued her "ouchie" and they were back home in 25 minutes.  Are we BLESSED or what??????  It would of taken about 5 hours in our ER, they probably would of stitched it and SG would of been traumatized for LIFE!!!!  Instead she was treated like a princess and told by the Doctor while he was fixing her up how Beautiful she was!  
Thank you DR. P - We sure do LOVE YOU!!!!!!
And now a picture of our little Princess 
 She was trying to say "cheese" and keep her eyes closed so I could get a picture of her "ouchie"!!
I'm telling you, these guys are like a live 24 hour comedy show!!!
And yes, that would be a shield on her right arm from Aunt Teri - she was playing Power Rangers
with Owen when I asked if I could get a picture
Nope an eye injury isn't going to SLOW this girl down!!!!

My Poor Sweet Princess!!!!!  But isn't she just the cutest little thing with a black eye you have ever seen?


My Beautiful Friend Laura and her husband adopted a Gorgeous little Girl Blessed with an extra chromosome on August 31, 2011.  Her name is Ava Claire and my goodness is she just the sweetest little thing.  Congratulations Purdy Family!!!!!!!  


The Ashman Family is having a GREAT giveaway in effort to raise enough money to help with the home study cost so they may adopt a child through Reece's Rainbow.  An American Girl Doll Giveaway!!!  I so would love to enter but funds are a little tight right now at our house.  So I wanted to post the link hoping some of you might have an interest in an American Doll Giveaway!!!! 

I hope you are all Enjoying your Holiday!!!  Be BLESSED!!!!!!


  1. Lovely update - I can't get over Sara smiling with her eye injury an all! What a sweetie!!!


  2. I'm loving that even a black eye isn't going to slow down Ms. Sara, nope not at all. Power Rangers, you go girl!

    Oh can you imagine the stories that she will be able to make up when she is old enough to show the pictures to friends of her black eye? Just gotta love this girl.

    Woohoo on the new total.

    Congratulations to the Purdy Family and I'll be checking out the Ashman Family.