Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is dinner time like at your house?

This is the norm for our house prior to dinner time:
 Sara is feeding her baby
 Belle is on the phone
 This BABY has such a good Mommy!!  He has his binkie, pink blankie to cover him, princess blankie for a pillow and a pink teddy to snuggle with.  

 Then it is time for the baby to have a haircut!!!  
 Belle is still on the phone and is trying to swipe the magazine from her big sister.
Look at how she has her legs on Tay
Naughty Baby - Don't bite!!!!!!!
 This is what is going on in the kitchen.  Dave is getting dinner ready and Owen is sitting on the counter supervising
Have I told you guys that Dave cooks all the meals?
(I promise I know how absolutely BLESSED I am)
 Owen has no problem taking a moment to strike a pose in his woody jammies 
 Phase 1:  Sara and Owen start eating
 Taylor, Belle and Nick pass the time until they are called for "Phase 2"
 Phase 2:  Taylor, Nick and Conor get their dinner
 Really, Conor just can NOT help him self  - he has to be FUNNY all the time.
Well he thinks "funny" - I say "annoying"
 Bellie waits so patiently for Phase 3 - her turn to eat!!!!
We do have a dining room with a dining room table but for some reason we just always eat in the kitchen.  The crazy thing is we only have 4 chairs in the kitchen and we have 8 people to eat!!  So the last big kid to the kitchen eats standing.  They have never complained having to stand.  And they could eat in the dining room but I know they LOVE being with everyone so they never do.  I start standing feeding Belle and then Sara and Owen are usually done and I sit to eat while still feeding Belle.  Dave never sits - he eats while he cleans up the meal mess.  I know it probably sounds crazy and super unfair to Dave but it really works.   Dave is one of those people that has to be moving all the time - Even When He Is Eating.   We have it down to a system!!  And for the 10 to 15 minutes we are all in the kitchen - this is always my favorite time of the day.  We laugh, sometimes we sing or sometimes we just all talk!!  It is pretty magical really.  Some people might find our dinner time completely chaotic but I find it completely full of LOVE!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow! Dave cooks, nice! The energy in your house must be amazing, love it.

  2. I LOVE it! We have a weirdly similar system, but the big boys get called to eat last - that way the rest of us get food!

  3. LOL! I ♥♥♥ the pic of Bellie talking on the phone! Way too cute! I'll have to get a post up about our dinner time... Mom will have to approve it first though... :)