Thursday, September 15, 2011

Specs 4 Us!!!!


And I LOVE Sarah B for telling me about this amazing company!!!!!  Thanks Sister!!!!!

Specs 4 Us designs frames for children with Down syndrome!!!  So they fit PERFECT!!!!!!  Amazing Really!!!! And they are so super nice to work with!!  I sent an e/m Monday night and had a response first thing Tuesday morning.  Maria the FOUNDER asked me to call her.  So I did and she was so SWEET!!!  Maria sent us 4 frames to try on Bellie and they came today.  Also, since we don't have insurance coverage for the frames she gave us a very nice discount.  We will keep the one we like and send the others back.  She even included an envelope with postage on it to return the frames.  We tried all 4 on Belle and I have a favorite but what do you think???????

 #2 AGAIN 

#2 and #3 fit the BEST!!  So let me know of those two which you think looks Best on our little model here.  Belle was so funny trying these on and then trying to get pictures!!!    She is becoming quite the little HAM!!!!

This is the mission of Specs 4 Us:

Our Mission:
To improve the sight and quality of life for children with Down syndrome by providing custom frames that fit their unique needs.
SPECS4US has designed a frame specially designed to fit children with Down syndrome. With a pair of Erin’s World frames your child will no longer be constrained from their eyeglasses. They will be able to explore the world freely and clearly without wearing glasses that are too big or are constantly slipping down their nose. These frames are made with your child’s unique needs in mind and solve the problems that regular eyeglasses never could.



  1. That's what I was thinking about #2 and #3 but I think my favorite is #2.

    Bellie you look adorable.....

  2. first of all, ADORABLE!!! I love both 2 and 3 but if I had to pick one I'd pick the square ones :) She is just so smiley!!! She'd look beautiful in a paper bag LOL!

  3. We LOVE our Specs 4 Us frames -- they stay on Lilya SO much better than other frames!

    Bellie is BEAUTIFUL! Good luck picking out frames :)

  4. I agree Sarah - I love #2!! So cute!!

  5. I would go with 1 or 4. But she's PRECIOUS in anything!


  6. She looks beautiful in all of them!!! But I really love #2

  7. I like #2.

    We need to get glasses for Kaylee too, I was thinking about looking into these, but I'm not sure if they are durable enough. Kaylee still rubs her head all over the ground and doesn't like anything on her face or head.

  8. These are cute! Our little 2 year old with DS has glasses in her future and I like these a lot better than the rubber ones they have at the eye dr! I vote on #2 :) But she is cute in them all.