Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Sara Grace

The youngest member of our family started Preschool today!!!!!  Miss Sara Grace!!!!!  She was so excited this morning knowing she was going to school.  Daddy of course came home from work to make sure he was there for the Big Day too!!!!
 First we had to get in the car and drop off Owen at school - Sara was very concerned that she wouldn't be on time.  She is lecturing me here!!!
 Then we got home and started the walk to her school.  Which is conveniently right across the street!!!!
 See how excited she is???  She can not even believe this day is finally here!!!!!
 Isn't she the cutest????
 Uh Oh - Now we are at the door and Sara starts to get a little nervous
 So Daddy takes her hand and walks her in to her first day of school
 But Sara just isn't sure about all of this so she makes sure to stay close to her Daddy
 Our sweet little girl was so so so nervous
 Right back to holding on to her Dad's leg
 Still holding on!!  Just switched legs!!!!
And then it was time for Mommy's, Daddy's and one big sister (Bellie is older than Sara) to leave. 
As we left Dave asked me:
 "now, they have all our information, right? 
 they know how to get a hold of us, right?"  
I said:
"hunny - we live right across the street"
So obviously it's not just Sara with the attachment issue here!!!  LOL!!!  Love that husband of mine!!!

Sara had a very good first day at preschool. The teacher told me that she did get a little emotional a few times and told the teacher
"I think I will walk home now"
My Sweet Sweet Sara Grace!!!!


  1. Go Sara Go Sara Go Sara!!!! I hope you had a great first day girlie! You totally rock!

    Ok, now for Daddy, did he make it thru the day ok or did he call home several times just to make sure everything was ok? I know that someone here would be doing that very same thing and I don't want to mention names but his initials are DAN. LOL

    It is comforting to know that she is right across the street from home.

    :) Love it all!

  2. Your husband is so sweet! Way to go Sara, you're such a big girl!

  3. What a little lovie!!! And is it weird to say that I'm jealous of your pretty brick street?! Okay...maybe a little weird. But I'm jealous, nonetheless! Hope Sara's first day was perfect!!