Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Masha & Harlene

I would like to introduce you to Masha's Family!!!!  YAY!!!!  The Rowe Family will be traveling soon (GOD WILLING) to bring home Masha and Christopher.  Masha stole my heart last year the moment I saw her.  I posted about her HERE and HERE and now she will be soon meeting her Beautiful Family!!!!!  Oh My - GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!

And then we have sweet Precious little Harlene.  And guess who her Mommy and Daddy are?????  Sarah & Shawn Basile!!!!  Zoya will be her Big Sister!!!!  Now probably most of you know that my good friends had committed to bring Laina home and Sarah explains it all very well HERE and HERE!!

Please PRAY for both these wonderful families!!!!!  

As for us - well we are hoping and PRAYING to get our travel date this week.  Oh My - I can hardly stand it!!!  I check my e/m probably 5 million times a day - I am not exaggerating!!!  Well, maybe a little!!!!  But that date is just so important and it is so thrilling to know we are getting so close.  I mean realistically we could be meeting our new beautiful son with in a months time.  So AWESOME!!!!!!!  So GOD!!!!!!!!!


  1. So exciting, tears of joy for these children and families.

  2. Well, I'm right there with you on checking your email 5 million times a day! :) Me too..shh.