Saturday, January 15, 2011

Isabelle & Masha

We had another wonderful visit this morning!!

Yay - the snow pants we bought in the Market Fit - so excited

Can't say the same for the Coat - Where did the baby go??????

Oh Well!!!

I knew buying her a snow suit would be an issue.  Her legs are so long but she is pretty skinny.  Her upper body is tiny!!  So this is the outcome!!  Hidden baby with legs!!  She will be able to wear this coat for like 10 years - that's a good buy in my book!!


Now for a serious matter!  I hope I can write exactly what I am feeling about a precious little girl that has stole my heart.  It is difficult and it hurts and I will try and do everything in my power to find her a forever family.  Her name is Masha and she is 4 years old.  Masha is the size of a 12-month-old baby - so tiny!!!  Her sweet little eyes are crossed and her princess hair is shaved.  But she is so much MORE!!!!  This is a precious gem that has been left in an orphanage way too long.  I am not sure if she can walk but I have seen her stand in her crib.  I have seen her be fed by a bottle, not sure if she is spoon-fed.  I have seen her sit at the table like such a big girl ready for therapy.  What I know with absolute certainty is that she is a Rose ready to blossom.  I can't explain it but I KNOW that she has so much to offer and so much potential.  I Promise You that if immigration had approved us for 2 children - Masha would be my daughter.  But since this is not the case I will do what ever I can to find Her Mom and Dad.   Maybe it is YOU????? 

Here is the part that kills me, the part that will haunt me until her parents come forward.  Sweet Masha will be transferred any day.  Where will she go?  She will go to a place where she will be treated like a vegetable. This awful place is no place for any HUMAN, never mind a precious little girl.  She will be transferred any day to a mental institution.  She will DIE!!  It is my opinion that Masha will not survive in this place.  If she is not able to walk, she will be left in a crib to DIE!!!  We were told this by someone here - someone here that works with adoptions and knows the next step.  We were told as long as she is in the baby house she will be just fine but the next place she would go is horrible.  It is CRUCIAL, It is IMPERATIVE for this child to be SAVED!!!!!!  This is the picture that Reece's Rainbow has of Masha and I promise it doesn't do her justice at all - As she is so very BEAUTIFUL.

I have tried to get a picture of her but I have been unsuccessful!  I will continue to try!!!! 
Please help me find her parents.  Please Storm Heaven too!!! 

This princess stole the heart of another Mom that was here too.  Stephanie is trying to raise money for her adoption fund and has some more pictures of this beauty on her blog.  Please visit: 

I know for a fact that our Isabelle would not survive the institution either.  Every time I look at her I am so grateful that GOD brought us to her when HE did.  Doesn't Masha deserve the same?  A forever family that will cherish her, love her and SAVE her from the very dark place she is soon to go!



  1. I just put miss Masha up om my blog too. And Storming heaven

  2. I somehow have a gut feeling that someone will step up for Masha. Maybe it's because of her miracle donation, or maybe it's because of the many beautiful descriptions of this gem of a girl... I don't know, but I do feel that her parents are out there. Joining you in prayer.

    And January 17th, the hidden princess with legs will be OUT of the orphanage and ready to go home. I am SO happy for her- and for you!

  3. Summer,

    Belle looks so cute in her snow suit. Don't worry about the size thing, Julia has been home two weeks and we have had to go out and get her the next size up in clothes.

    I will be praying for Masha. I know how your heart aches for her. We met little Sonya in Julia's baby house and she needs a family too.

    Praying for all the children and your continued good trip.


  4. Oh Summer! I'm just in tears here. She IS a beauty. Her picture is awful, who would believe how pretty she is? I can't stand the thought of her transfer.

    Monday is right around the corner, isn't it? I hope Belle does fantastic on the train. Most kids love it and fall right asleep, so I think you'll do great. Oooohh so close!!!